Why do I do what I do?

Just about exactly three years ago I started this website.  Or should I say I amended and restated this site.  At that time, I felt compelled to feature a rather lengthy introduction and welcome on the home page.  Thought it was a good Idea at the time, as the saying goes.  Time marches on and I thought it looked a bit tacky so it was time for a remodel; I wanted something simple and I think I achieved “simple” with the latest look but don’t ask me why I changed it.  But unlike brick and mortar construction, I didn’t have to throw it away; I just moved it to here and saved it for posterity.  Someday I may want to change it back.  I don’t know why.

*  *  *  *  *

Welcome to my website. Dedicated to those who pursue all that is impractical, illogical and immoral, and flying, which sometimes all go hand in hand.

This current website is a “restatement” of an earlier site first published in 2009.  That site, put together with an obscure piece of software long since extinct, consisted of a random collection of photos and not much else, devoid of a theme or purpose.  My first choice was to continue to modify the old site, but upon losing the administrator password I learned that even the best of the best at GoDaddy couldn’t revive the failing patient; the old site was toast and the new one emerged from the ashes on August 4, 2016.


I learned to fly with the understanding that I would never use it for anything useful other than having fun; I have not been disappointed and with this site, I will recount some of the more memorable moments. Why?

Damned if I know.


–dan, 4Aug16 and 15Jul19

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