Why do I do what I do?

Just about exactly three years ago I started this website.  Or should I say I amended and restated this site.  At that time, I felt compelled to feature a rather lengthy introduction and welcome on the home page.  Thought it was a good Idea at the time, as the saying goes.  Time marches on and I thought it looked a bit tacky so it was time for a remodel; I wanted something simple and I think I achieved “simple” with the latest look but don’t ask me why I changed it.  But unlike brick and mortar construction, I didn’t have to throw it away; I just moved it to here and saved it for posterity.  Someday I may want to change it back.  I don’t know why.

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Welcome to my website. Dedicated to those who pursue all that is impractical, illogical and immoral, and flying, which sometimes all go hand in hand.

This current website is a “restatement” of an earlier site first published in 2009.  That site, put together with an obscure piece of software long since extinct, consisted of a random collection of photos and not much else, devoid of a theme or purpose.  My first choice was to continue to modify the old site, but upon losing the administrator password I learned that even the best of the best at GoDaddy couldn’t revive the failing patient; the old site was toast and the new one emerged from the ashes on August 4, 2016.


I learned to fly with the understanding that I would never use it for anything useful other than having fun; I have not been disappointed and with this site, I will recount some of the more memorable moments. Why?

Damned if I know.


–dan, 4Aug16 and 15Jul19

4 thoughts on “Why do I do what I do?

  1. Hi, I saw your ad for the Extra on Barnstormers and a google search landed me here. I like your writing style. I have a Harmon Rocket in San Diego but eventually want to move to an Extra. Have about 2 hours in one. Would love to hear your thoughts on owning one compared to the Pitts.

    If you are ever at Montgomery give me a shout.



    • Well DAMN. Other than my wife, you are the only person who has posted anything to this site. I don’t keep up with it as much as I intended but occasionally I may add to it. I looked into the Rockets the last time I was shopping around but I didn’t find anything at the time; they seem to be fine planes. Too bad the F-1 Rocket couldn’t stay in business; they also seemed to be pretty neat. But my experience with a homebuilt (the Sunbird) was not the greatest and that may have steered me more toward the Extra.

      The Extra is a fabulous plane but like most airplanes they also have their quirks. The biggest quirk in mine (and I believe all, but not sure) is that they are all restricted from flying acro with fuel in the wing tanks. Acro is limited to flying with fuel in the center tank only. The issue has to do with the fuel sloshing around violently and eventually causing the wing tank to leak. Not as big an issue on the newer ones because they increased the size of the center tank. But the center tank on mine is just a little over 12 gallons. Fortunately for me I don’t do a lot of acro…just enough to exercise the inverted oil system.

      But little quirks aside, this Extra is the most fabulous plane I have ever owned and flown. With the Pitts (my S2A, or B or especially the Sunbird) I never felt that I had enough fuel; not so with the Extra. I can cruise at close to 200 mph for a couple of hours and still have plenty of reserves and two hours is about as long as I want to go in each leg. Maintenance wise, I don’t see much difference between the Pitts or the Extra except for the 1000 hour inspection requirement: the Extra has a 1000 hour inspection that will cost about $12,000. But the huge difference for me between a Pitts and the Extra is how easily the Extra flies, especially the takeoff and landing. Don’t get me wrong I don’t consider a Pitts “difficult” but after a couple of hours in the Extra I began to feel like I was cheating…its like a 200 mph Citabria.

      Keep in touch.


  2. Dan, I saw your post regarding LTC Archie Rider and Alman Butler on the VHPAMuseum website. In between Rider & Butler our acting CO was Maj. Langley Chavis (Lang came to be a friend in later years). Did you also fly with him during that period?
    I was a “Delta Grounder” in the Scout Section before they stood down and I came over to HHT…before going South to an Armored Cav Sqn.

    Ask the webmaster at VHPAMuseum, John Conway for my email if you are not able to see it here. Best regards, Doug

    • Hi Doug. Yes I flew with him but just a few times. He was a nice guy..most all of them were. And your name sounds very familiar but there have been too many years and water under the bridge. Best regards to you as well.

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